CTECH Secures Contract to Deploy CGIS Planning Software in Long Khanh City, Dong Nai Province


On June 20, 2020, at Long Khanh Provincial People’s Committee, CTech signed a contract to deploy CGIS Planning software in Long Khanh city, Dong Nai province with Long Khanh City Urban Management Division.

Implementing this Urban Management Technology Application for Long Khanh City is an opportunity for CTech to continue developing and perfecting the solution, increasingly meeting the needs and uses of CGIS software throughout Vietnam.

CGIS Planning software for urban management in Long Khanh city will have the following benefits:

  • Integrated management planning at all levels in the same system;
  • Search information of construction planning projects online, on any device connected to the internet;
  • Decentralized administration, access according to each type of data to different users on the same system;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the plan on the basis of integrating satellite image maps of Google Map;
  • Review, synthesize, and export reporting data from time to time on the status of project implementation;
  • Manage online archives between functional departments (Planning files, projects from the initial stage to the appraisal and approval stage will be archived together in the same system);
  • Managing multiple projects at the same time, including: managing project information, project design documents, implementation status and related legal documents …;
  • Forming a standardized and synchronous construction planning database including many component databases such as geography, land use planning, landscape architecture space, planning of technical infrastructure system;

The software system is built to ensure user-friendliness and ease of use, information security, and is easy to update and expand. The performance of the software always meets the needs of the user. In addition, the software makes the most of the available services, integrates existing data sources, avoiding redundancy.