Real estate

S-City Industrial and Urban Development Investment Joint Stock Company – is a member unit of S-Group Vietnam, principally engaged in real estate investment.

S-City has been exploiting and investing effectively in various types of real estate such as resorts, real estate projects, experience tourism, restaurants – hotels, apartments for rent…

With strong financial potential along with a team of highly qualified and reputable human resources and leading experts in the field of real estate, finance, investment… the quality of investment products and services of S-City has brought many benefits to customers, helping to increase profits significantly.

S-City is currently a prestigious and potential partner of many large domestic and international corporations and enterprises such as: Hyundai (Korea), VSIP (Singapore), AMATA (Thailand), Conasi, ACUD Consult…


S-City aims to develop into a leading enterprise in the field of real estate investment, creating practical and useful values for projects and investors.


Located in the ecosystem of S-Group Vietnam, S-City defines the mission: Contributing to the common development of society through high-quality, pervasive and influential products and services. large, especially real estate products with real value, modern and suitable for development trends.