ACUD Group Successfully Bids on the Ninh Thuan Provincial Plan for 2021-2030 with vision to 2050 Project


On 9/7/2020, ACUD Group received notice from the Ministry of Planning and Investment that their bidding package for the Provincial Planning of Ninh Thuan Province for 2021-2030 with vision to 2050 had been accepted.

Last month, the bidding package was officially submitted in Ninh Thuan. Among the competing contractors, ACUD was seen as the consulting unit that best met the highest engineering and financial requirements, and with a score of 97/100, was selected as the winning bid.

The project will be implemented over 6 months and will be led by Dr. Han Minh Cuong – General Director of ACUD Group.

The goal of the provincial plan set for 2030 is to equip Ninh Thuan with a dynamic and diverse economy, with the nation’s leading strength in renewable energy, tourism and hi-tech agriculture. Also to build Ninh Thuan into a province of great attraction and investment in Vietnam in the future.

Socio-economic development is fast and sustainable under the model of green, clean and environment-friendly growth, synchronous infrastructure, open investment and business environment, rational economic restructuring associated with solving social problems, protecting the environment, creating jobs, improve the material and spiritual life of the people, ensure national defense and security, and maintain political stability and social order.