A Change in Corporate Leadership for “Amazing Furniture” (Noi That Ky Dieu) Brand


With Mr. Han Minh Cuong as the newly appointed director from 06/2020, “Noi That Ky Dieu” aims to develop and become a leading smart furniture brand in Vietnam.

Currently, the main business areas of “Noi That Ky Dieu” (NTKD) include design consultancy, interior construction, and production of interior products. The company focuses on smart, multi-functional furniture products as the leading component in its development strategy.

NTKD is made up of a team of talented architects, engineers, and workers using a system of well-invested and synchronized facilities, equipment and machinery. Over the years, NTKD has launched many interior products of high quality, earning the trust of many customers.

As a result of this change in leadership, the Company will continue to create more sophisticated, intelligent and convenient interior products to exceed the customer’s expectations in this Smart Home era.