About Acud Group

ACUD Group was established in 2008 with three subsidiary companies:

1. ACUD Investment and Construction Design Consultancy JSC

2. ACUDECOR Furniture Joint Stock Company

3. ACUD Vietnam Construction Technology Joint Stock Company

The acronym “ACUD” represents the fields in which we conduct business: A (Architecture) - C (Construction) - U (Urban) - D (Development). ACUD Group operates in most of the construction sectors in Vietnam, including:

  • Architectural Design Consultancy
  • Planning
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Consultancy
  • Design and manufacturing of Smart Furniture
  • Consulting
  • Developing New Technologies in the Field of Construction.

In our first decade of operations, ACUD Group has grown to more than 100 team members comprising of 60% postgraduate-qualified employees. Our dynamic staff includes enthusiastic and accomplished architects, engineers and designers all with a passion and devotion to their craft.

Our system of state-of-the-art offices, branches and factories allow us to emphasize the natural synergy amongst the three subsidiaries. We consistently deliver an end-product that exceeds the expectations of our clients while maintaining strict adherence to budget and deadlines.


Our motto is "ACUD Group – Constructing the Nation". This philosophy inspires us every day to promote the spirit, wisdom and strength necessary to improve this country. We will contribute our efforts to a bright and modern future for Vietnam.


Chairman of the Board

Dr. Han Minh Cuong